Corey booker dating

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Corey booker dating

@Vogue Magazine & I disagree ✌🏼: P7Zq JKQd (I still ❤️U!

#Please Say Yes 🤞🏾 I9IYJYZEX— Cory Booker (@Cory Booker) March 23, 2017"You are making my day!

Wade, 27, is known for her Instagram posts, which she calls a “public service,” and her website says she sits on the Creative Council of abortion-and-politics advocacy group Emily’s List.

Booker, 47, is still in his first term as one of New Jersey’s senators.

Wade uses her poetry, she said in an interview with Refinery29, “for everyone who’s feeling alone in certain feelings.

“A lot of people read more into it then there’s there, but this is just somebody I really revere, and have just a reverence for in terms of the impact that she is making in so many ways…Here’s more on the four major political storylines that will play out over the next year.

Remember when Cory Booker very earnestly, very thirstily asked Mindy Kaling out on a date over Twitter?

The back and forth continued (the PATH train’s official Twitter account even got involved), but no official date was set — at least not in front of the two famous folks’ 10 million combined followers.

To say all this smacks of a publicity stunt would be an understatement.

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" This diss provoked Cory to immediately go to twitter and tweet, Did senator Cory Booker just ask Mindy Kaling out for dinner on Twitter? The pair split a few years ago but are still "friends".

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