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Dating christs birth book of mormon

believe that Jesus was killed in [AD] 30.”4 The issue is not definitively settled, however, and some scholars still “believe that he died in [AD] 33.”5 Thanks to the diligence of Nephite record-keepers, the Book of Mormon helps to narrow down the length of Christ’s life even further. 5–4 BC, this effectively rules out AD 27 as too short and AD 33 as too long to accommodate for Christ’s death happening in the first month of the 34th year in the Nephite calendar (3 Nephi 8:5).6 Thus, in the view of LDS archaeologist Jeffrey Chadwick, combining the Book of Mormon with the additional evidence from the New Testament, archaeology, astronomy, and history makes AD 30 the correct year, “beyond any reasonable doubt.”7 On What Day Of The Week Did Christ Die? For a reconciliation favoring the 14th of Nisan, see Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 165–172. 1 (2007): 58 also mentions “advocates of Wednesday” as the day of Christ’s death. See Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 174–177; Cummings, “Three Days and Three Nights,” 59. See Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 177–182. Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 138; Cummings, “Three Days and Three Nights,” 60. There is uncertainty on whether the new moon would have been observed on the correct day in AD 30, making it possible that the 14th of Nisan (the day before Passover, and most likely day of crucifixion) was on Thursday (the correct day), or Friday (if the new moon was observed a day late). The book demonstrates that Christ is allowing the Law of Moses to be the schoolmaster to bring the Jews to their messiah.

The second question relates to the day of the week Christ was crucified. For a reconciliation favoring the 15th of Nisan, see Craig L. Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 156, see also the chart on p. Porter, “Chronology of the New Testament,” 250 adds AD 36, but also determines that “27 is too early and 36 too late” to work with other factors. ” 64–70 expands the range of possible dates based on the possibility of misidentifying the new moon. See Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 139–142 for documentation that this is the view of most scholars. 4 (2010): 17–18; Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 142–149. This would make the 15th of Nisan (the first day of Passover) either Friday (the correct day), or Saturday (if the new moon was observed a day late). 1 and 2 in Cummings, “Three Days and Three Nights,” 62–63. Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 190, capitalization altered. That is also one of the reasons the Book of Mormon exists and the Mormons will not be prepared to engage the Jews until the Mormons understand what Nephi (3) is testifying to.

The Book of Mormon is accepted by the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the word of God, along with the Bible, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.

The Book of Mormon (properly titled The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ) is a sacred book of scripture that testifies of Jesus Christ and explains the Lord's dealings with His people in the ancient Americas.

Latter-day Saints believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God and a companion testament to the Holy Bible.

Long-standing tradition holds that Christ died on a Friday, and most New Testament scholars support this tradition.8 A few scholars, however, have suggested that Christ actually died on a Thursday.9 These scholars argue that a Thursday can better account for passages in the New Testament which speak of “three days and three nights” in the tomb (Matthew ), and of the resurrection occurring the crucifixion (Luke ).10 An important clue is John’s description of the upcoming Sabbath as “an high day” (John ), meaning it was the first day of the Passover.11 Since certain festival days, such as Passover, were regarded as “Sabbaths,” no matter what day of the week they occurred (Leviticus 23: 7–8, 11, 15, 21, 24, 39),12 this allows for the possibility that the Sabbath after the crucifixion was not Saturday (the regular Jewish Sabbath), but the first day of Passover (a special “Sabbath,” or “high day”), which most likely fell on Friday in AD 30.13 While the New Testament data does not decisively favor Thursday, the Book of Mormon adds some important information. Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 158–165 responds to this argument. Spackman, “Introduction to Book of Mormon Chronology: The Principal Prophecies, Calendars, and Dates,” (FARMS Preliminary Reports, 1993), 60–68, plus appendix 2, argued that the Book of Mormon supports a death date in AD 29, but this date has little support from New Testament scholars. See also Wayment, “The Birth and Death Dates of Jesus Christ,” 393–394; Holzapfel, Huntsman, and Wayment, , 225: “the only year close to the time of Christ’s ministry in which he could have been crucified would have been AD 30. AD 30 turns out to be the very year many scholars have accepted as the year of Christ’s death.” 5. See Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 154–158. Christ is the anti-type to the prototype of the first paschal lamb.

Nephite prophets predicted that there would be three days of darkness coinciding with the time of Christ’s death until his resurrection (1 Nephi ; Helaman –27). Since most scholars favor an AD 30 date and a Friday for the day of crucifixion, they assume the new moon was not observed on the correct day, and that the 14th of Nisan was thus a day late, on Friday. 60–63; Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 182–188. Chadwick, “Dating the Death of Jesus Christ,” 184, cf. Unfortunately almost everyone seems to think that the moon is the final arbiter for when Christ was crucified.

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