Most intimidating goalie masks

Posted by / 28-May-2016 18:37

I am surprised it took this long to be created but after similar masks started popping up including, Audioslave and Iron Maiden, recreational hockey goaltender Liz Conner decided to take her goalie mask to the next level.

Ingoal Magazine reports that Liz turned to Headstrong Grafx to whip up the Black Sabbath mask.

Take what you think you want to spend on a mask, and add another 0-0 to that total, and then start your search.

This is your head we are talking about, and if you find that “killer” deal on a mask, most likely what you are going to get is a “killer” injury.

There are many different companies that make a good quality mask these days, and I am not here to tell you which company to choose from.

Generally they are a mass produced mask, usually made out of some type of plastic and while they can be protective and safe, you really need to know what level you will be using the mask at, and make a decision based on that.

Let me say one thing before we dig further into the different types of masks that are out there…THIS IS ONE AREA YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE CHEAP WITH!

Tony Iommi’s riffs are what drew me to Sabbath, and I wanted to make sure he was included somewhere.

The rest was all Headstrong." The final product looks pretty wicked hardcore.

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With Halloween upon us and and the 57th anniversary of the first goalie mask (Nov.