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The Sovereign Grace denomination has been devastated by what some have called the biggest sexual abuse scandal to hit American Evangelicalism.

A new lawsuit will soon be filed in the state of Virginia against Sovereign Grace and some of the leaders on behalf of two of the victims of abuse. Carl Truman speaks to the issue of credibility plaguing many Christian celebrities and their loyal followers below.

It is available online, but please be warned, it gives a very detailed and disturbing account of the alleged sexual abuse of children as young as three years old.

The lawsuit identifies 11 plaintiffs and 14 defendants including SGM Inc., Covenant Life Church (which in December 2012 disassociated with SGM), Covenant Life School, SGM co-founders C. Mahaney and Larry Tomczak, and other churches and pastors in the network.

I’ll still be blogging here, too, so no worries about that!

Also, I don’t think it’s particularly relevant to this whether or not I’m an atheist (this isn’t me coming out as one); my writing and analysis on Christian culture issues fits the tone and themes of his site well. We’re talking about Meg Wolitzer’s new book (which isn’t out yet), so SPOILER ALERT.

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On May 14, eleven plaintiffs filed an amended class action civil lawsuit alleging church leaders of covering up child sex abuse crimes through the 1980s and 90s, and requesting about $50 million dollars in damages against SGM.

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